“Hong Kong in a Hurry”

Author: Rachel Cheung, Marketing and Communications Officer, HKIRC
Date: 30 Jun 2023

Great that you’ve decided to stay in Hong Kong! But with all the options available, how do you now choose what to see, do, and eat with the limited time you have here? While newcomers may think that Hong Kong is all business and skyscrapers, this multi-faceted and fascinating city may surprise you with what it has to offer: iconic experiences, sprawling protected countryside and parks, mouth-watering cuisine, a shopping paradise from street markets to trendy boutiques, and a plethora of leisure and cultural activities. Chinese traditions and Western influences blend together and give the city a unique personality – ensuring you will always have a compelling reason to visit Hong Kong.

You may not have much time here but remember that in this most densely populated part of the world, you can cover a lot of ground in a very short time. So, let’s get started.

The Peak: Top of the City

The Peak is the highest point of Hong Kong Island, offering the best views from the city’s skyscrapers to the suburban hills, but the journey to the top can be quite a challenge. It will be a fascinating experience to ride the Peak Tram, which climbs up the hill at a dizzying gradient to 1,300 feet above sea level. Here’s a little secret: the best time to visit the Peak is near dusk. Get your phone ready to steadily defy gravity on this classic mode of transportation and soak in the fabulous views from the top of the mountain.

Take the world’s longest outdoor escalator system to the bustling Central

Central, Hong Kong’s busiest business district, is an area made up of some of the city’s older buildings and newer skyscrapers. With limited space in this hilly area, fortunately there is the Central–Mid-Levels escalator, the world’s longest outdoor escalator system, which takes pedestrians winding through the town’s narrow streets to reach some dramatic cityscapes.

Near Hollywood Road, this section was indeed featured in the romantic classic “Chung King Express” by famed director Wong Kar Wai and the Batman movie “The Dark Knight”.

Along the escalators, you can always spot some of the most legendary eateries. Cantonese milk tea, wontons, roast goose, egg tarts, and the must-try Yum Cha for the best dim sum in a Cantonese teahouse, where you’ll be served shrimp dumplings and baos in a bamboo steamer.

Victoria Harbour – the birthplace of Hong Kong

Victoria Harbour separates Hong Kong Island from the Kowloon Peninsula. Its deep water transformed Hong Kong from a small fishing village into an international trade and financial centre. Today, it remains the busiest port in the world. No matter which side of the island you are on, the stunning views of the beautiful skyline are always impressive. Crossing the harbor on the Star Ferry, one of the oldest means of transportation in Hong Kong, is a quintessential experience where you can enjoy a close-up view of the city on a peaceful journey. Every evening at 8pm, the light show ” A Symphony of Lights” will bring a sensational multimedia feast to the audience on both sides of the harbor.

Best bar-hopping nightlife in Hong Kong

Soho is Central’s boogie and bohemian district, with narrow streets packed with bars and exotic restaurants, making it the perfect place to enjoy Hong Kong’s nightlife. From cocktails to sake, wine to vodka, chilled bars to dive bars, you can dabble in it all. Bookmark some of your favorite bars and try your hand at poking around in Hong Kong’s famously vibrant nightlife.

With these tips, you’re well equipped to make the most out of your short time in Hong Kong. And who know, after getting a brief glimpse of this great city, there’s a good chance, you’ll soon start planning your next visit.    

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